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Jerry DiTullio worked hard as a member of City Council to learn the essentials of holding local office, particularly by successfully completing a Colorado program that trained participants in all aspects of local and county governing. I watched Jerry, as Mayor Pro Tem, apply his skills and what he had learned in serious efforts to get the work of the City Council done. It was clear he always stood by his principles, but sought compromise to find the best resolutions. When he ran for Mayor I was delighted to support him, for the good of Wheat Ridge. I knocked on hundreds of doors.

As Mayor, we all have seen what a champion he has been for our City. I especially appreciate some of the long standing goals he consistently reminds us about: be a good neighbor, help out those elderly around us when we can, participate in Wheat Ridge activities, support the arts. These are the values that build community. Jerry has an exceptional ability to find a way to reach solutions, even in the difficult issues where the growth most would like to see conflicts with the preservation of the wild and agrarian beauty around us which most of us want to maintain. When the answers are difficult to see, a leader helps draw out the best of our ideas, and enables us to find the right path. Clearly, Jerry has been such a leader. As Mayor, he has made me proud; I hope you feel the same way.

Steve PearsonWheat Ridge Resident (2013)

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City Treasurer Jerry DiTullio - Wheat Ridge, CO
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