Projects and issues initiated/supported

A partial list of projects and issues that Jerry has initiated and/or strongly supported as the former City of Wheat Ridge Treasurer (2015-2018), Mayor (2005-2013) and a member of City Council (1995-2005, 2013-2015):

  • Photo of Jerry visiting with a senior member of Wheat RIdge communityNew financial reporting, expanded financial reporting and increased transparency with regards to the City’s revenue, expenses and projects.
  • Upgrades to the City’s tax code/processes, via ordinance, for clarity so taxpayers/businesses can successfully do business in the City of Wheat Ridge. See link —> Treasurer Notes & Financial Reports.
  • The expansion of pro-active code enforcement/public outreach to further the safety and peacefulness of Wheat Ridge neighborhoods (2015)
  • The Sprouts Grocery and related development located at 38th & Kipling St. (2014)
  • The new bike/parking lanes on Pierce St. between 26th Ave. & 48th Ave. (2014)
  • The purchase (years ago) and development of Hopper Hollow Park located at 44th & Kendall St. (2014)
  • Senior Circulator Bus in conjunction with the Senior Resource Center (SRC)
  • American Flag flown at the Carnation FestivalMayor’s Building Code Task Force – Building Code and Fee Enhancements to support the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) so residents and businesses can do work in the City of Wheat Ridge
  • Mayor’s D.I.R.T. Task Force – Review, price out and recommend public works projects – two were added to the ballot for funding
  • Removal of the Height and Density restrictions in the Charter for the Urban Renewal Areas – voter approved
  • 50% building permit rebate to residents and businesses after the July/2009 storm that damaged many homes and businesses in the city
  • Purchase and development of Discovery Park
  • Purchase and development of Founders’ Park
  • Purchase of the WR Greenbelt from Coors
  • Council/Manager form of government in 1996 – voter approved
  • Removal of costly run-off elections from the Charter – voter approved
  • Mixed Use Zone Districts to promote quality redevelopment
  • WR Recreation Center – voter approved
  • Mayor’s Public Art Initiative – sculpture now in Discovery Park
  • Nationally accredited Police Department
  • Photo of Jefferson County bilding in Golden ColoradoPro-active code enforcement to protect neighborhoods and property values
  • Wheat Ridge Housing Authority – founding member and chair – promote homeownership and fix/flips to improve housing stock
  • Wheat Ridge Business District – founding member – promote exterior improvement of commercial buildings
  • Town Center Senior Apartments – 44th and Upham
  • Wheat Ridge 2020
  • Streetscape project on 38th Ave – promote walk ability and aesthetics – Sheridan to Harlan
  • Streetscape project on 29th Ave – promote walk ability and aesthetics – Sheridan to Fenton
  • Streetscape project on Harlan St – promote walk ability and aesthetics – 38th to 44th
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