Jeffco Ballot Question 1A Moves Jeffco Forward, Let’s Do This…


Jeffco ballot question 1A is a TABOR deBrucing with a 7-year sunset provision. This ballot question does not eliminate the TABOR requirement that all proposed Jeffco tax rate increases/new taxes go to a vote of the people. The voting requirement remains. This ballot question was placed on the ballot by the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners and has bi-partisan support from ALL of the elected officials in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County has a long track record of working to minimize the burden on taxpayers while still delivering a responsible level of service. From 2000 through 2014, the Board of County Commissioners voluntarily reduced the County’s mill levy and only asked for the money needed to fund the budget. This reduced the amount of property taxes Jeffco residents paid — as well as the dollars available to fund essential county services. Since then, the county commissioners have been required to reduce the mill levy to conform to TABOR revenue restrictions.

In 2018, the Board of County Commissioners voted to eliminate the county’s portion of its business personal property tax (BPPT) payable to the general fund.

This action was taken to relieve some of the tax burden on businesses (especially small businesses) by eliminating an expense that had to be paid, regardless of the level of profits the businesses bring in.

This initiative also helped to strengthen the county’s competitive advantage in attracting and expanding primary employers, encourages economic growth and supports the county’s business-friendly environment. The current ballot initiative includes a sunset provision, requiring the TABOR waiver to be renewed by a vote of Jeffco residents after seven years. This gives Jeffco residents a way to monitor and evaluate future budgets and hold the commissioners accountable to spend tax dollars responsibly.

Due to current TABOR limitations, in 2019, a single-family home valued at $400,000 received a reduction in property taxes of approximately $9 per month/$105 per year. Because the county would limit the additional revenue to $16.1M in 2020, the impact for 2020 is estimated to be half of that for the average homeowner, or about $4.50 per month/$54 per year. For 2020, this represents an increase to the total county tax bill of about 2.7%. The cost to businesses is estimated to be $9 per month per $100,000 of business property value.

So what does ballot question 1A fund/support?

Per a portion of the ballot question:

“…and shall such revenue be used to fund the cost of county government for:

  • Providing for the safety of the public including maintaining adequate jail beds, staffing the District Attorney’s Office, adequate patrol personnel, and wildfire mitigation;
  • Maintaining roads, bridges and other new transportation improvements;
  • Preserving public facilities and infrastructure including building security and maintenance; and
  • Providing services traditionally offered by Jefferson County and other Colorado county governments and statutorily required services,

With such spending to be reviewed and decided upon by the duly elected Board of County Commissioners as part of the annual budget process?”

More questions? Please visit Jeffco 1A FAQs for more information and the full ballot language.

Thank you.

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