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Local 1309 (2022)
Sandie Weathers

Most people don’t know their County Treasurer. I want to let everyone know how fortunate I am to know mine. Treasurer Jerry DiTullio is one of the most accessible elected officials I know. He makes it easy to stay informed on matters relating to his office and he is always there to listen. Jefferson County residents should definitely re-elect him for a second term.


Sandie Weathers, Community Activist (2022)
Amanda Weaver

As JeffCo Treasurer, Jerry DiTullio has raised the bar of county leadership. He runs a transparent and informative department – personally reporting out to cities in the county. I endorse Jerry DiTullio and support his re-election.


Amanda Weaver, Five Fridges Farm / Wheat Ridge City Council (2022)
Obi Ezeadi

I’m proud to endorse Jerry for Jefferson County Treasurer. He has led the way and set the example for how elected officials can effectively outreach to the community. Through exceptional levels of communication, he has enhanced the county’s understanding of the treasurer’s important role in collecting, investing and disbursing resources.

Obi Ezeadi, Westminster City Council (2022)
Veterans Initiative

The JeffCo Dems Veterans Initiative is pleased to endorse Jerry DiTullio’s re-election for County Treasurer. Jerry has shown himself to be hard working and highly qualified. He will continue to ensure financial transparency for both JeffCo residents and businesses. We urge that you vote to re-elect Jerry by November 8th.


JeffCo Dems, Veterans Initiative (2022)
Amanda Gonzalez

Treasurer Jerry DiTullio understands how important it is to make sure our county financial information and investments are transparent and easy to understand. Jerry and his staff have developed a monthly easy-to-read financial reporting system which is available on the county treasurer webpage. During the pandemic, Jerry worked tirelessly supporting JeffCo taxpayers by accepting payment plans and waiving interest on late payments in accordance with state law passed in 2020 and 2021. Please join me in voting for Jerry this November!

Amanda Gonzalez, JeffCo Clerk and Recorder Candidate (2022)
Ed Perlmutter

As our Jefferson County Treasurer, Jerry has a proven track record of accessibility, fiscal responsibility, and transparency. He has hit the ground running as the Jefferson County Treasurer. I look forward to supporting Jerry DiTullio this November for his re-election!


Congressman Ed Perlmutter (2022)
Joe Neguse

I am pleased to endorse Jerry DiTullio for re-election as our Jefferson County Treasurer. Throughout his tenure, Jerry and his department have made every effort to work with property owners and provide effective and efficient service to the public. Jerry is a thoughtful and proactive public servant, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting his re-election.


Congressman Joe Neguse (2022)

I am pleased to endorse Jerry DiTullio for re-election as our Jefferson County Treasurer. Jerry is a true public servant who brings fiscal transparency to the Treasurer’s Office. Jerry is always prioritizing the needs of JeffCo taxpayers and our special districts. We need Jerry back in the Treasurer’s Office.


Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Jefferson County Commissioner (2022)