Amanda Gonzalez

Treasurer Jerry DiTullio understands how important it is to make sure our county financial information and investments are transparent and easy to understand. Jerry and his staff have developed a monthly easy-to-read financial reporting system which is available on the county treasurer webpage. During the pandemic, Jerry worked tirelessly supporting JeffCo taxpayers by accepting payment plans and waiving interest on late payments in accordance with state law passed in 2020 and 2021. Please join me in voting for Jerry this November!

Amanda Gonzalez, JeffCo Clerk and Recorder Candidate (2022)
Ed Perlmutter

As our Jefferson County Treasurer, Jerry has a proven track record of accessibility, fiscal responsibility, and transparency. He has hit the ground running as the Jefferson County Treasurer. I look forward to supporting Jerry DiTullio this November for his re-election!


Congressman Ed Perlmutter (2022)
Joe Neguse

I am pleased to endorse Jerry DiTullio for re-election as our Jefferson County Treasurer. Throughout his tenure, Jerry and his department have made every effort to work with property owners and provide effective and efficient service to the public. Jerry is a thoughtful and proactive public servant, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting his re-election.


Congressman Joe Neguse (2022)

I am pleased to endorse Jerry DiTullio for re-election as our Jefferson County Treasurer. Jerry is a true public servant who brings fiscal transparency to the Treasurer’s Office. Jerry is always prioritizing the needs of JeffCo taxpayers and our special districts. We need Jerry back in the Treasurer’s Office.


Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Jefferson County Commissioner (2022)

Jerry has been endorsed by SUPPORT JEFFCO KIDS because he has demonstrated accountability, transparency and integrity as a Jeffco teacher and as the Wheat Ridge City Treasurer. Jerry will continue to be a voice for quality education and adequate funding for all kids in Jeffco.


Shawna Schantz-FritzlerJeffco Public Education Advocate (2018)

Jerry has done a fantastic job in Wheat Ridge as a member of City Council, our Mayor, and as Wheat Ridge Treasurer. Let’s keep the momentum going and elect Jerry for Jefferson County Treasurer. He will do a great job as he has done for the citizens of Wheat Ridge.


Marty & Christine ThompsonJeffco Residents & Taxpayers (2018)

I have been impressed with Jerry’s ability to bring transparency to the Wheat Ridge treasurer’s office relative to financial reporting. Jerry has managed and invested taxpayer funds to maximize interest earned while following the Public Deposit Protection Act (PDPA). Jefferson County will benefit from Jerry’s background and experience.


Dick MatthewsCPA - Jeffco Resident and Small Business Owner (2018)

Jerry has served Wheat Ridge well as our elected treasurer. He’s enhanced transparency and provided insights and clarity to citizens about how our city’s budget works. I think this has gone a long way to dispel myths and misunderstandings, and enhance trust in our local government. Jerry will carry this transparency to the County Treasurer’s office.


Kim CalominoCommunity Activist (2018)

I care a lot about how my hard-earned tax dollars are spent which is why I’m endorsing Jerry DiTullio for Jefferson County Treasurer. Jerry’s proven history of partnership, transparency, accountability and common-sense communication about government finances empowers citizens to know exactly how their dollars are serving our communities.


Rachel HultinJeffco Resident & Community Organizer (2018)

Local government budgets are complex. Jerry has been instrumental in bringing transparency and improved financial reporting to our constituents and the entire City Council. Because of Jerry, we all have a clearer understanding of how the city’s funds are managed and invested. Jerry is the most qualified candidate for County Treasurer.


Leah DozemanWheat Ridge City Council, District 4 (2018)

Right off the top, we urge voters to choose incumbent Jerry DiTullio for mayor. His challenger, Councilwoman Lena Rotola, has said her first and foremost thought is that no public office should be unopposed, and the two candidates share many of the same goals in economic development and planning. So in this largely non-adversarial comparison, we back DiTullio’s efficient, focused and responsive style, as well as his as diverse background in numerous Wheat Ridge organizations and related committees. It’s not time for a change in Wheat Ridge, vote for DiTullio.

Colorado Community Media (Wheat Ridge Transcript)10/28/2009