As the Wheat Ridge City Treasurer, Jerry has a track record of fiscal responsibility and transparency. He will hit the ground running as our Jefferson County Treasurer. I look forward to supporting Jerry DiTullio this November for County Treasurer.


Congressman Ed Perlmutter (2018)

Jerry has been endorsed by SUPPORT JEFFCO KIDS because he has demonstrated accountability, transparency and integrity as a Jeffco teacher and as the Wheat Ridge City Treasurer. Jerry will continue to be a voice for quality education and adequate funding for all kids in Jeffco.


Shawna Schantz-FritzlerJeffco Public Education Advocate (2018)

Jerry has done a fantastic job in Wheat Ridge as a member of City Council, our Mayor, and as Wheat Ridge Treasurer. Let’s keep the momentum going and elect Jerry for Jefferson County Treasurer. He will do a great job as he has done for the citizens of Wheat Ridge.


Marty & Christine ThompsonJeffco Residents & Taxpayers (2018)

I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry in various capacities in Wheat Ridge city government. He has always worked for fiscal accountability and win-win public policy. He will make an excellent County Treasurer working with the taxpayers and elected officials for the betterment of Jefferson County.


Wanda SangFormer City Clerk and City Council Member (2018)

I have been impressed with Jerry’s ability to bring transparency to the Wheat Ridge treasurer’s office relative to financial reporting. Jerry has managed and invested taxpayer funds to maximize interest earned while following the Public Deposit Protection Act (PDPA). Jefferson County will benefit from Jerry’s background and experience.


Dick MatthewsCPA - Jeffco Resident and Small Business Owner (2018)

Jerry has served Wheat Ridge well as our elected treasurer. He’s enhanced transparency and provided insights and clarity to citizens about how our city’s budget works. I think this has gone a long way to dispel myths and misunderstandings, and enhance trust in our local government. Jerry will carry this transparency to the County Treasurer’s office.


Kim CalominoCommunity Activist (2018)

I care a lot about how my hard-earned tax dollars are spent which is why I’m endorsing Jerry DiTullio for Jefferson County Treasurer. Jerry’s proven history of partnership, transparency, accountability and common-sense communication about government finances empowers citizens to know exactly how their dollars are serving our communities.


Rachel HultinJeffco Resident & Community Organizer (2018)

Local government budgets are complex. Jerry has been instrumental in bringing transparency and improved financial reporting to our constituents and the entire City Council. Because of Jerry, we all have a clearer understanding of how the city’s funds are managed and invested. Jerry is the most qualified candidate for County Treasurer.


Leah DozemanWheat Ridge City Council, District 4 (2018)

Right off the top, we urge voters to choose incumbent Jerry DiTullio for mayor. His challenger, Councilwoman Lena Rotola, has said her first and foremost thought is that no public office should be unopposed, and the two candidates share many of the same goals in economic development and planning. So in this largely non-adversarial comparison, we back DiTullio’s efficient, focused and responsive style, as well as his as diverse background in numerous Wheat Ridge organizations and related committees. It’s not time for a change in Wheat Ridge, vote for DiTullio.

Colorado Community Media (Wheat Ridge Transcript)10/28/2009

Jerry is a thoughtful and intelligent candidate with broad experience. He will be an advocate for protecting our neighborhoods from high density residential redevelopment. Jerry does believe in sustainable and sensible redevelopment in Wheat Ridge without harming our diverse neighborhoods. As always, Jerry will strive to preserve the hometown feel of our community.

Susan SeedsWheat Ridge Resident (2013)

DiTullio has been a steady presence in city politics since 1995, serving on city council for 10 years before being elected mayor in 2005.

The Denver Post Hub7/2/2013

Jerry DiTullio worked hard as a member of City Council to learn the essentials of holding local office, particularly by successfully completing a Colorado program that trained participants in all aspects of local and county governing. I watched Jerry, as Mayor Pro Tem, apply his skills and what he had learned in serious efforts to get the work of the City Council done. It was clear he always stood by his principles, but sought compromise to find the best resolutions. When he ran for Mayor I was delighted to support him, for the good of Wheat Ridge. I knocked on hundreds of doors.

As Mayor, we all have seen what a champion he has been for our City. I especially appreciate some of the long standing goals he consistently reminds us about: be a good neighbor, help out those elderly around us when we can, participate in Wheat Ridge activities, support the arts. These are the values that build community. Jerry has an exceptional ability to find a way to reach solutions, even in the difficult issues where the growth most would like to see conflicts with the preservation of the wild and agrarian beauty around us which most of us want to maintain. When the answers are difficult to see, a leader helps draw out the best of our ideas, and enables us to find the right path. Clearly, Jerry has been such a leader. As Mayor, he has made me proud; I hope you feel the same way.

Steve PearsonWheat Ridge Resident (2013)

We are endorsing Jerry DiTullio for City Council. We think he has done a great job as Mayor. The projects and issues that he has worked on have always been completed in a very smooth and fair manner.

Tom and Carolyn GriffithWheat Ridge Residents, District II (2013)

I was elected official in Wheat Ridge for 20 years as the City Clerk, and 8 years as member of City Council, District II. I have known Jerry for over 20 years, and have found him to be an honest, fair and hardworking advocate for our City. We have a lot of work to do in this tough economy and we continue to need a member of City Council with the background, knowledge and experience that Jerry has.

Wanda SangResident, Former City Clerk and City Council - District II (2013)

Wheat Ridge is truly blessed to have Jerry DiTullio as its Mayor! Mayor DiTullio has shown great maturity in his leading of this City through working closely with so many different individuals and groups. He listens!; Also, Mayor DiTullio strives to lead the City Council in a cohesive manner so that this City can move forward in accomplishing so many wonderful things. As a small business owner and property owner here in Wheat Ridge, we are appreciative of the initiatives Mayor DiTullio has led and continues to lead.

Kevin and Diane RobbResidents of District I (2013)

Let’s re-elect a proven leader for Wheat Ridge, Mayor Jerry DiTullio! I am confident that Jerry has the vision, experience and enthusiasm to move our City forward. I’ve noticed the improved circulator bus service for our seniors and elders. I was impressed by and thankful for the Mayor and City springing into action after the recent violent storm of 2009. Jerry is not only a proven civic leader, but is also an outstanding businessman, teacher, and father. Mayor DiTullio has definitely earned a second term!

former State Representative Sue SchaferWheat Ridge Resident, District III (2013)

I support Councilman Jerry DiTullio because he is a ferocious watchdog of taxpayer money, advocates for private property rights and his politics are pure pragmatism and not partisan. Jerry is a tireless worker for the citizens of Wheat Ridge and the region. Jerry has the three I’s – Industry, Intelligence and Integrity.

Richard MatthewsLocal business owner and longtime resident of Wheat Ridge, District III (2013)

In the last mayoral election I was an avid supporter of Jerry DiTullio’s opponent. Since then I have been impressed with Jerry’s leadership and communication skills. His pro-active response to the recent storm is an example. In order to better serve residents and businesses, Jerry encouraged the re-opening of the free branch collection site on Kipling. He also brought forth the ordinance now in place to rebate 50% of the city permit fees for storm related damage repairs, saving me and many of my neighbors a substantial amount of money at a very stressful time in our community. Jerry has worked hard to do a lot of good things for our city. I am happy to endorse Jerry DiTullio for Mayor of Wheat Ridge.

George JorgensenLocal Handyman and resident of District IV (2013)

I have personally witnessed Mayor DiTullio working to improve the business climate and the success of businesses in Wheat Ridge. Jerry works tirelessly with the city staff and community organizations to improve businesses economic success.

John MarriottPresident, Larson’s Ski and Sport (2013)

Jerry’s support for parks, our athletic fields and public art have been particularly appreciated, as has been his public outreach and information activities.

Tom Abbott2007 Wheat Ridge Volunteer of the Year and longtime resident (2013)