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Election 2018

2018 Election Official Final Results

Hello Jefferson County Taxpayers!

Elections are gearing up! It’s imperative we get the word out about Jerry’s commitment, transparency and dedication to the public process and fiscal transparency of taxpayer money in Jefferson County. Please help us get the word out and send your contribution today!! 😉

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Dear Jefferson County Taxpayers & Voters,

I am the Democratic candidate for Jefferson County Treasurer in November of 2018.

My background and experience includes being a former Mayor and a former member of City Council for the City of Wheat Ridge. I am currently the elected Treasurer, since November of 2015, for the City of Wheat Ridge. I am also a teacher at Wheat Ridge High School (WRHS) in Jefferson County. 

I haven’t met a Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated who doesn’t want their hard-earned tax dollars managed and invested properly, and legally, via the Colorado Revised Statutes-Title 39.

I have the background and experience to do the job for the taxpayers of Jefferson County. As the elected City Treasurer for the City of Wheat Ridge, I understand the job. I understand transparency and win-win public policy. I will work with the Jefferson County Commissioners to help move the County forward in a fiscally responsible manner. Thanks for the vote of confidence – I’m your Treasurer!  Peace.

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Election 2015

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Election 2017

2017 Election Official Final Results

2015 Election Official Final Results

Swearing In Ceremony

2015 Swearing In Ceremony

Election 2014

Vote “Yes” on Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District Ballot Issue A
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Reminder to Vote “Yes” on Wheat Ridge Fire Protection District Ballot Issue A
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Election 2013

Dear Wheat Ridge Neighbors,
I am looking forward to working with you the next four years and moving Wheat Ridge forward. I am honored that District 1 residents continue to place their trust in me to represent them in a fair and equitable manner. If you have any issues please feel free to contact me at 303-231-1392 or visit my website at jerryditullio.com. Thank you!! Click to hear the entire message >>

2013 Election Official Final Results

Campaign Flyer

Jerry’s Declaration of Candidacy

“Jerry is a thoughtful and intelligent candidate with broad experience. He will be an advocate for protecting our neighborhoods from high density residential redevelopment. Jerry does believe in sustainable and sensible redevelopment in Wheat Ridge without harming our diverse neighborhoods. As always, Jerry will strive to preserve the hometown feel of our community.”

Susan Seeds, Wheat Ridge Resident, District I


Swearing In Ceremony

Swearing In Ceremony     Swearing In Ceremony

Campaign 2013

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Vision, Leadership, Experience and the Proven Ability to Get Things Done!

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
– John F. Kennedy