TABOR Refund Checks Coming to Jeffco Taxpayers

Hello Jeffco,

Jefferson County taxpayers who paid property tax (residential and commercial) will soon receive a TABOR refund check in the mail, as required by the state’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Amendment (TABOR). The Treasurer’s Office is working with the county administration on preparing the checks and the mailing. Checks should be mailed later in November/2021.

More Information – Golden Transcript

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City Treasurer Jerry DiTullio - Wheat Ridge, CO
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2 Responses to TABOR Refund Checks Coming to Jeffco Taxpayers

  1. Tina Bernacchi says:

    We need to repeal the Tabor Amendment. All of those piddley little checks going out to Colorado tax payers…separately they don’t buy a latte but together they would really make a difference. The Tabor Amendment was ill conceived and mean spirited. We are in need of repairs to roads, bridges and have other issues but waste money sending out tiny refund checks.

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for the message. The County Commissioners decided the TABOR refund policy for this year, which the Treasurer’s Office implements. It would be unethical, borderline illegal, if the Treasurer’s Office (me) did not implement TABOR Law AND County Policy set by the Commissioners.

    The County cannot keep the refund due to the Tabor Law. If you did not cash the check the money will go into an account much like the Great Colorado Give Back.

    The cost to print/mail each check was approx. 97 cents and 212,000+ checks were mailed. The average check is $7.

    I would encourage you to contact the County Commissioners if you have any concerns about the refund policy for this year. We’re keeping track of public comments as well.

    By the way, many people are pooling their refund checks and donating to a local charity or giving a bigger tip at a restaurant.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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